December 10, 2018

There are a lot of gifts you'll probably get this year: socks, candy, gift cards etc. Those are nice, but if you want to get someone a gift they really want check out this list. 


Wine & Beer Portable Cooler

What is better than having a drink on your couch? Having a drink outside! This portable cooler is aimed to keep beverages cool for up to 5 hours. Whether you are hanging out on beach, going to a festival or camping at the lake, this portable cooler has got you covered. It looks like a briefcase and is super easy to transport.

The Portable Cooler is available on Amazon here.  

The Knockout

If you all are going to party this holiday season, and you want to have fun, bring a Knockout. Someone will bring cookies, someone will bring wine & beer, you bring the party. You’ll have people saying is that a Knockout in your pocket?!   

Get The Knockout here. Use the code “XMAS18” to get free shipping this holiday season.  


Beer Pouch Hoodie

Clothing should do more than keep you warm. This beer pouch hoodie keeps you cozy and keeps your beer safely stowed because hands-free is the future. 

The Pocket Hoodie is available in multiple sizes here.


Home Brew Journal & Guide

Some people like to write about their feelings. We like to write about beer. For those more contemplative times, pull this bad boy out and get writing. This journal has been specifically made for craft brew lovers looking to keep track of their brewing experiments. From tasting notes to reference charts to space for writing useful brewing recipes, this journal has everything beverage lovers are looking for. Learn more about the Home Brew Journal here.


The Hungover Cookbook

Hangovers are the worst, but the food that cures them isn't! This cookbook has some amazing recipes that are sure to provide you some comfort after those tequila shots that seemed like such a good idea last night. Read more about the Hungover Cookbook here.   


Final Verdict...

The holidays are a great time to show someone you care. While you're checking your list, remember that special someone who always gets the party started.



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